The thoughtful, innovative design was inspired by the transport of sci-fi (transport of the future). The concept was developed by two designers over 3 months to find out the right form and color.


We’ve constructed a carrier for your comfort. The curved body helps you move freely and it does not cling to your leg. Shaped form is an adeal for seatbelt.

Comfort for your pet

Research has shown that cats and dogs — predators by nature — like a place in which to hide and observe their surroundings without being spotted or disturbed. The lack of bars satisfies a pet's natural instinct to feel protected, while the transparent window allows pets to watch the outside world.


Built-in toy entertains your pet during trips it also helps to accuse your pet to the carrier, because it will play with it at home too. The toy is a rounded pipe with holes and the ball in it. Cats love to put their paws in different so it would be interesting to them. Also this toy imitates pilot dashboard in a cockpit. It looks like your cat driving the carrier like a spaceship.

  • Great all-round ventilation/360-degree ventilation

    Pets need a good ventilation. This carrier provides your pet with fresh air and keeps comfortable temperature.

  • Top door for easy loading

    Top loading door with wide opening and secure latch makes loading & unloading your pet twice as easy and quickly! Pets, especially cats love boxes and this carrier is the same for them.

  • Materials

    Non-toxic, Non-allergic plastic. Constructed of sturdy yet stylish heavy-duty plastic. It's very important to keep your pet in a safe and Eco-friendly carrier. So we have chosen materials very accurately.

  • Blanket included

    Pet lining features soft fleece cover which is very tender. Lining is 100 % machine washable & dryer friendly.

Waul Carrier

Is as pleasing to look at as it is to use.